Tenants Not paying and not leaving

Tenants Not paying and not leaving

On the flip side, there are some tenants who turn out to be far from ideal.

As a landlord, you could find yourself dealing with the financial hole that’s left if your tenant fails to pay their rent.

Renters "doing a runner” can leave a landlord thousands of dollars behind.

And, if you have a tenant that decides to not pay, and won’t leave either, then there’s a whole other world of financial (and legal) pain to deal with.

It’s not uncommon for these types of problems to take months to resolve – during which time you aren’t receiving any rental income.

Only specialist landlord insurance offers cover for rental losses.

RealRenta has all the tools that a property manager has, but less than ¼the cost of a property manager.

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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 3 February 2022

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