Renovation Projects – How much DIY are you planning

Deciding to acquire a whole new set of handyman (or handywoman) skills by tackling a renovation project is a noble thought, but what will the results be?

If you want to be hands-on, I admire your courage, but I also hope you know a little more than how to fire a nail gun!

Keep in mind that the finished product should be worth at least 20 to 30 per cent more than when you started and appeal to today’s discerning tenant market.

Will your finishes be up to scratch, or are you better off directing skilled tradespeople while you oversee works, rather than attempting to carry them out on your own?

RealRenta has all the tools that a property manager has but for less than ¼ the cost of a property manager.

You can now manage your Residential, Commercial or share/student accommodation property

Join now and the cost is less than a cup of coffee a week to manage your rental property.

RealRenta also has a free vision, so why not check it out.

Jason Gwerder
Sunday, 21 April 2024

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