Common tenant complaints - Children

Children running amok in a unit complex are bound to attract the attention of other tenants.


Complaints regarding children can be targeted at those who live on the premises or children who are visiting the complex temporarily.

"When friends come around with kids and they’re running and screaming and diving into the pool, this can be a problem,” Ryall says.

He says children are also more likely to go ‘door knocking’ – either purposely or intentionally knocking on other tenants’ doors, irritating and frustrating those in neighboring units.

Depending on the complex location, Ryall says some areas are more tolerant to issues involving children.

"If it’s a townhouse complex in the suburbs, where there are more families and tenants with children, they’re more accepting of the noise compared to a complex with predominantly older residents,” he explains.

"They tried a ‘no children’ policy on Hope Island (at Queensland’s Gold Coast) a few years ago but it was deemed freehold property and it was placing a restriction on its use. A body corporate can't refuse to let a dwelling to certain groups of people.”



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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 23 March 2021

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