Stamp duty called off for bushfire-affected residents

NSW bushfire-affected residents who choose to purchase a replacement home instead of rebuilding will be able to access stamp duty relief.


The NSW State government has announced a stamp duty relief package in the aftermath of the bushfire crisis.

People who purchase replacement properties instead of rebuilding, will only begin paying stamp duty once the amount payable is over $55,000 (applicable to homes purchased in excess of $1.25 million).

The government also noted that eligible people who have already paid stamp duty will be able to apply for a refund.

Information on how to apply for a refund and eligibility requirements will be available from Service NSW(external link) and Revenue NSW(external link) websites from 10 March 2020.

Find out about the bushfire assistance available from the NSW Government(external link)

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Jason Gwerder
Monday, 9 March 2020

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