Important changes To NSW tenancy laws in March

More than 30% of the NSW population rent the property they live in.


The changes due in March will increase protection and certainty for tenants, as well as clarifying the rights and obligations of both tenants and landlords.

The key changes are:

·        Landlords must provide a rental property that meets 7 minimum standards (fit for habitation)

·        New disclosure obligations for landlords/agents and new remedies for tenants when the obligations are not met

·        Landlords must ensure all smoke alarms are working

·        It will be easier for tenants to make minor alterations and install fixtures

·        Mandatory set fees for lease-breaks to apply to all new fixed-term leases that are 3 years or less

·        Limiting rent increases to once every 12 months for periodic leases

·        Fair Trading NSW will have new powers to investigate and issue orders for landlords to carry out repairs/maintenance, or for tenants to fix damage.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 8 January 2020

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