Increase your rental yield with pets

According to Rent.com.au, over 30% of renters are pet owners.

Allowing tenants with pets will ensure that you appeal to a broader market.

Many of these tenants link their rental profile to a "pet resume”.

Industry figures suggest that less than 10% of available rental properties accept pets, whilst hundreds of pets are forfeited to rescue organizations each year, due to pet owners not being able to find suitable properties.

The Australian Veterinary Association has said that 30% of dogs and cats abandoned in 2017, were given up due to accommodation issues.

Having a pet-friendly property can help investors pick up a sizeable amount of extra rental yield.

Dedicated pet-owners will generally agree to special provisions in a rental contract, such as pet bonds, higher rent or additional cleaning fees.

According to the Australian Companion Animals Council, pet-owners are likely to fork out up to 14% more rent than usual for a pet-friendly property.

In WA, landlords are allowed to charge a one-off pet bond of $260 and in 2017, state tenancy laws in Victoria were modified to allow renters to keep pets unless otherwise indicated in body corporate/strata laws.



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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 9 May 2019

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