Help your Tenants pass their Inspections

Help your Tenants pass their Inspections

The purpose of an inspection is to ensure that the tenant is taking reasonable care of the premises, keeping it clean and ensuring that, it remains in the same condition, as it was at the start of the lease.

Regular inspections are important, as they provide the tenant with an opportunity, to raise maintenance issues and to provide the landlord peace of mind as well.

Routine inspections are generally held quarterly, with the landlord or property manager required to give written notice.

If the landlord or property manager identifies any problems, they are required to serve the tenant with a Notice to Remedy describing the issue and a timeline for it to be rectified.

Here are some RealRenta tips that tenants should take into consideration before the next property inspection:

Exhaust Fans

Tenants sometimes overlook the cleanliness of their exhaust fans, which are very prone to collecting dust in the bathroom and grease and oil in the kitchen.

Fans should be cleaned not just because of inspections, but also for safety reasons, as a dirty or blocked exhaust fan can pose a potential fire risk.


Ovens are a fixture and belong to the landlord. A landlord or property manager has every right to inspect the oven, so tenants should ensure that they are clean.


If pets are allowed on the lease, tenants should remove any pet fur from carpets and hard surfaces and also any mess in the backyard.


Tenants should thoroughly scrub shower screens, tile grout, wet areas, toilets and kitchen sinks.


Attend to the garden by weeding and mowing lawns if your lease makes you responsible for maintaining the exterior.

Walls and Doors

Significant damage to walls and doors could easily result in a tenant losing their bond. Avoid unnecessary damage by keeping furniture slightly away from walls.

Jason Gwerder
Friday, 4 January 2019

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