COVID-19 & Property Investors- Cut your costs immediately with RealRenta

In this uncertain environment, it is important to take defensive measures.

STOP paying thousands of dollars to property managers- we don’t know what is going to happen to property prices.

RealRenta does everything they do at less than a quarter of what they charge!

We have saved our landlords hundreds and thousands of dollars in management fees!

Here is a recap of everything RealRenta can do for you:

Receive your rental income paid in full directly to your Bank Account

Automates all rental tasks from Receiving and tracking the rent

Self-populates the rental ledger with automatic invoices and receipts (which is a legal requirement)

Service Ledger, for any bills the tenant has to pay for that is not Rent

Instigates arrears process with automatic reminders by email and text

Breach notices issued automatically - keeping you the landlord, informed every step of the way

All Communications and Maintenance requests are done via the platform, with the tenant able to upload documents and photos as required.

RealRenta acts as a buffer between tenants and landlords via the platform creating an arm’s length relationship

RealRenta keeps a full record of the tenancy for all time, so you are able to go back and look at old leases, rent ledgers, tenants, etc.

You will be allocated your very own RealRenta Guide who will help you every step of the way

Access Bad Tenant Checks whenever you need them


Use RealRenta now and you will NEVER hand over your investment income to a Property Manager EVER AGAIN!

Start here:   https://app.realrenta.com/Signup.aspx and get 25% off the normal subscription Fee




Marlene Liontis, Jason Gwerder & Peter Jenkins
Monday, 23 March 2020

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