Fee’s, you don’t want to pay - The I got eaten by a shark

Here we have Sam and Susan, a couple of 25-year-olds who charge off to one of those investment property seminars that promise you’ll make a million dollars in six months.

Instead, our bright young things end up knee-deep in cash flow tables, bank documents, and (oh dear) a signed investment home contract that results in their off-the-plan, out-of-town, so-called whiz-bang investment property growing at a miserable 1.3 percent per annum over the next 10 years.

The learning fee in this scenario is especially scary as that "shark advice" could end up being a millstone around their necks for many years.

They may not be able to offload that property without making a significant loss and therefore their future lending capability may be severely compromised.

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 27 September 2022

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